Power supply for LED

Power supplies is one of the "Microcontract" main areas of production. Power supplies are designed in according to specific customer requirements and may have different versions. In LED products the reliability and the cost of power supplies are important. We always make sure that the product is safe and the price is competitive.

Power supply for LED is a new trend of "Microcontract" company. At the moment we are developing and testing new sources of supply demanded in the market of the LED lighting production. If you need to get a unique power source for your individual luminaire design, we are happy to assist. Call or write to the address listed at the top of the page, and we will be happy to help.

Our power supplies have a high degree of reliability and a good price compared to those of Chinese counterparts. If necessary, it is possible to modify the sources of supply with higher reliability and longer warranty period. We take into account all the needs of our clients and work together on a mutually beneficial partnership conditions.




Power supply for LED


DSCF0128 1

The power supply is used to convert AC input to output DC voltage with stabilized output current and power factor correction.
Designed to work on the lighting circuit in the LED lamp.
Design: without housing.
Key Features:
Maximum Output Power: 60W.
Rated output current: 0.350 A
Ripple factor of output current 7%.
Working range of the output voltage: 85 ÷ 155 V.
Power factor: 0.95.
Efficiency: 90%.
Dimensions:- Width - 39 mm.;
- Length - 127 mm.;
- Height - 30 mm.