IC Production


The “Microcontract” company group offers its customers the contract manufacturing services for integrated circuits and MEMS. We can manufacture both prototypes and pilot product lots. We also offer the development of technological processes for subsequent transfer to other plants.

The standard set of technological processes and design rules are available on request. The manufacturing of IC chips using standard processes takes 4 weeks. The production of MEMS using standard processes takes 2 weeks.

The time required for prototyping and technology development is calculated individually for each job.

We are ready to consider the possibility of cooperation on the following processes used for IC and MEMS manufacture:

1. Lithography

- contact and projection printing at 365 nm wavelength

- DUV lithography (248 nm, small lots only, device prototyping)

- e-beam lithography (small lots, device prototyping)

- NIL (minimum CD 50 nm)

2. Coating and deposition:

- thermal oxidation of silicon (wet, dry)

- chemical vapor deposition (CVD) Si, Si3N4, SiO2, Al2O3 (other films on request)

- ALD of various metals

- plating (Cu, Ni, Au, Sn)

- spattering (Al, Cu, Au, Ti)

- wafer bonding (anodic, fusion, polymer adhesion)

3. Etching

- acidic and alkali wet etching

- reactive ion etching of Al, Si3N4, SiO2

- DRIE (Bosch-process up to full wafer thickness)

4. Doping

- diffusion (gas and solid sources, SOD)

- ion implantation (B and P only)

5. Polishing

- CMP planarization of SiO2

- CMP of silicon

- CMP of metals (Cu, W; Damascene process)


IC production