PCB production

PCB production is one of the main activities of "Microcontract". PCBs of various materials are commercially produced in China by our trusted partners. For customer convenience we provide air delivery of PCBs and ensure delivery within 4 weeks from the date of the order. If you need urgent production of small amount of PCBs, we’ll arrange an urgent production of PCBs with our Russian partners offering competitive prices.

For our clients "Microcontract" offers not only the manufacture of PCBs, but also the whole range of services related to the manufacture of electronic products, ranging from the development of electronic devices to delivery of finished products to the client with secure and the possibility of service support. If you order our PCBs, we will make an additional discount for PCB assembly.

 "Microcontract" offers more than just the production of PCBs, but an integrated approach to the needs of customers. As soon as you provide us with your needs we will find good options to fulfill them in as soon as possible, offering a competitive price in accordance with quality standards.