The development of high-tech electronic devices

The company "Miсroсontraсt" offers development of electronic devices. Development of electronic devices promotes your business, because you won't compromise using it, you’ll get exactly what you need. Our design enables our customers to get the necessary items with the exact features and low cost, they also meet necessary quality standards.

Besides the development of electronic products, we offer a comprehensive service including the supply of PCBs and assembling of PCBs, all the developed devices we may assemble in the test and production batches. Our comprehensive service allows you to reduce the cost of your goods.

разработка электронных устройств
The "Microcontract" offers all stages of the development of electronic devices, including the development of hardware and software and serial production.

For our clients we can offer:

  • LED devices;
  • devices for digital television;
  • data acquisition and processing;
  • mobile and wireless devices;
  • power supplies for LED devices.

The development of electronic devices, can be ordered by sending an e-mail with your technical requirements in any form, if you have any questions you can call us or write a letter on the mail. Please, find the contacts are at the top of the page.