Automation System "SAURON"

System for Automated Accounting working and Valuations (Sauron) is an automation system, developed by "Microcontract."Automation System "Sauron" is a working tool of the head of the company and the technology staff, which allows to receive current information on all stages of a production-line. System of Automation "Sauron" is designed to collect and handle information about the cycles of work and check automatically for compliance with the standards of production in real time.

система автоматизации "САУРОН"

System of Automation "Sauron" consists of software and terminal data points with a feedback system. Key features of the system allow it to see the weak points in the manufacturing process and promptly take measures to strengthen them with the changes in technology and human resources. Everyone knows that it is very important to establish a strong synchronization of all jobs while using linear pipeline to ensure high efficiency and minimize downtime jobs. System of Automation "Sauron" is a real help in solving such problems. The system always shows the problem areas and accumulated statistics for them to make the right decisions on the management of the production process. System of Automation "Sauron" is the real all-seeing eye of the production process.

System of Automation "Sauron" can be used in automatic assembly of PCBs for on-line monitoring of the assembling PCBs. Staff will receive the necessary information on a separate monitor in any desired form. For example:

- The name of the PCB assembling at the time;

- Downtime for the current and previous shift and their cause;

- The efficiency of the line for the current and previous shift;

- Information about the quality of the inspected by optical inspection PCBs;

- Top-10 for loss of electronic components with feeders since the last replacement of the feeder.

At the end of each shift it is possible to form any required reports, including all production losses during the installation of electronic components on PCB for disposal.

In the process of manual assembly of PCB Automation System "Sauron" helps evenly distribute the work among all jobs with the experience and skills of all employees and thus improve their efficiency. It is possible to track in parallel all the possible processes of assembly of PCB or any other product. You can learn all the information about the assembly by a unique product code. That’s such information as: date and time of manufacture of the product, names of employees who did the specific operations, was the item in repair, what time it has been tested on the output control, the components of which parties used to build the product and other information.