Assembling of PCBs

Assembling of PCBs with company "Microcontract" could be a profitable deal for you. SMT and DIP assembling can be done automatically or manually when party of PCBs is small. Our company offers prompt and high quality PCB assembling. There are various types of assembling which concern all the necessary requirements of our customers. PCB assembling is available in any volume; standard period of production is 2 weeks; we ship larger orders according to an individual schedule agreed with a client. 

You can order PCB assembly at your convenience through an online application on our website or send all the requirements to our mail indicated at the top. If you have any questions you can always call us and we’ll be happy to help you.

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 We offer the following services for the assembly of PCB:

- Automated SMT-assembling of PCB on a high modern equipment;

- Manual SMT and DIP assembling of PCB;

- Compound filling and protective coating for PCB;

- Optical and visual quality control of PCB assembling.

For customers, who do have orders for the production of PCB, we provide discounts and priority. We guarantee the quality of our work and offer long-term and reliable partnership for you.